Distribution Through Innovation and Technology

Vending solutions automate many inventory management processes and allow our customers to reduce many expenses:

  • Product consumption – stop waste and abuse by placing limits on quantities, shifts, jobs, or total dollar value spent
  • New tools – machines can automatically dispense reconditioned items before new ones
  • Stock-outs – real-time inventory count is available, with min/max levels that trigger replenishment
  • Obsolete inventory – machines can dispense older supplies before newer and track turn rates

From the initial inquiry, through installation, training, and far beyond, you will be supported by highly trained DNOW staff and by the manufacturer’s staff when necessary.


We offer a variety of vending products from AutoCrib. These machines are designed to handle many different application requirements, and are able to be re-configured in the field:

AutoCrib Vending Montage

Cabinet Vending
Manages issue and return for small and large items in a transparent cabinet

Carousel Vending
Dispenses items of all sizes, secure issues, and handles item returns
Helix Coil Vending
Dispenses items from high-quality helix coil mechanism; upgradeable

PPE Vending
Dispenses gloves and other personal protective equipment without repackaging

Locker Stations
Manages issue and return of large items from individual storage lockers

Tool Vending
Manages tool issue and return; recognizes tools without requiring RFID tags

RFID Technology
Automates management of a tool crib or warehouse through RFID tags and secured doors

Scale Vending
Dispenses small parts and fasteners by weight

Tool Crib Terminal
Converts a manual tool crib to automated inventory management

Handheld Scanner
Scans barcodes and RFID tags; communicates directly with the inventory database
Vertical Lift System
Automatically retrieves items from a tower of stationary trays, minimizing the floor space used to store inventory

To see application videos of some of these products, please visit our AutoCrib Product Videos page.

System Integration

Access your enterprise wide data from any internet-capable device (e.g. - smart phone, tablet, laptop). You can set min/max limits on stock materials, set automatic re-order points, and forecast your needs before a stock-out. Reporting and analytics are available in real-time.

Mobile Technology Showcase

DNOW's mobile technology trailer was created to showcase our industrial vending and supply chain services capabilities to our customers. The trailer demonstrates a number of our vending technologies and is available for trade shows and customer site visits. Please contact us for more information.

DistributionNOW Mobile Technology Showcase