Gas Measurement

Gas measurement is a critical component of production that requires accurate and reliable results. DNOW's highly trained staff offers the quality fabrication and experienced service that is key to your success.

Our Gas Measurement Division uses industry-leading meters and other gas measurement products to provide standard meter runs as well as highly customized units.

Liquid Measurement

DistributionNOW offers meters and fully customized, turn-key solutions for all your liquid measurement needs, including LACT units, saltwater disposal, waterflood, and regulator skids.

Our Suppliers

  • Daniel (Emerson)

  • Schneider

  • TMCo Sure Shot


Orifice Fittings / Meter Tubes

We offer turn-key meter tube skids, pre-assembled by our experienced team of welders. Download our orifice meter RFQ form, and let us build a complete meter to your specifications.


Our state-of-the-art LACT skid assembly facility allows us to meet any customer demand for single or multiple unit deliveries. Regardless of complexity or design, we can meet and exceed your requirements.

  • Custom configurations
  • Pipeline pump integration
  • Integration with PLC automation
  • Performance testing before delivery
Flow Meters

DNOW distributes a wide range of flow meters to cover a range of applications.

  • Turbine meters - accurate, cost-effective, easy to repair, for a wide variety of gas and low-viscosity liquid applications
  • Coriolis meters - highly accurate, simultaneous measurement of fluid mass flow rate, density, and temperature
  • Electromagnetic meters - bi-directional measurement of conductive fluids, without moving parts to impede the flow stream
  • Ultrasonic meters - bi-directional measurement of clean or semi-clean fluids, using either transit time or Doppler transducers