Supplying quality artificial lift equipment and expertise to the oil and gas industry has become increasingly important as new fields emerge and an increasing number of wells come online. That’s why DNOW is constantly searching for new technology to help our customers lower lifting costs and decrease downtime.

In addition to our quality, leading-edge products, we also offer a range of Artificial Lift Solutions, including field and local pump shop service, failure analysis and solutions consulting, and customized individual and classroom training.

Our Suppliers

  • NOV Process and Flow Technologies

  • Weatherford

  • Wellhead Systems

  • Well Master Corp.

  • Well Suspension Tools Ltd.

Rod Pump Systems

We offer complete rod lift system packages, with API-certified pumps, rods, and accessories manufactured to meet stringent quality control measures. We also offer complete system design to meet our customers’ specific needs:

  • RODSTAR™ analysis – software calculates pumping speed, plunger size, optimum rod string design, pumping unit size, and motor size based on your target production
  • Training – component training, and customized group or individual training

Our hydraulic rod pump systems have the following capabilities:

  • Stroke length up to 144 in
  • Lifting capacity up to 40,000 lb
  • Pump controller – easy-to-use touchscreen and web-based monitoring and control, uses downhole and surface conditions to regulate pump starting/stopping and speed
  • Power skids – gas, diesel, and electric models available, as well as EPA-certified models
  • Full line of API-certified downhole pumps, components, and accessories

DNOW also offers all critical well hook-up components:

  • Rod clamps
  • Rod rotators
  • Leveling plates
  • Polish rod lubricators
  • Stuffing boxes
  • Leak detectors
  • Companion flanges
  • Blow-out preventers
  • Choke valves
  • Ball valves
  • Wellheads

Progressing Cavity (PC) Pumps

We specialize in complete, customized PC pump system designs that consider all aspects of a customer’s well including operating conditions and fluid properties. Our systems have the following capabilities:

  • Hydraulic and electric wellhead drives in a variety of models
  • Variable frequency drives that combine motor and pump control in a single unit
  • Wide range of elastomers to handle extreme operating conditions
  • Specialty tools:
    • NO-GO tags
    • Mechanically bonded stators
    • Charge pumps
    • Hydrodynamic brakes
    • Leak-free stuffing boxes

Plunger Lift Equipment

DistributionNOW offers high-efficiency plunger lift systems built to API specifications. Our plunger lift equipment has the following capabilities:

  • Sweet or sour service equipment options
  • Lubricators capable of up to 10,000 psi working pressure rating
  • Controllers that optimize and monitor all system functions
  • Plungers designed for variable downhole conditions and tubing sizes
  • Bottom hole bumper springs to absorb plunger impact

These systems are environmentally friendly and well-suited to the following applications:

  • Dewatering liquid loading gas wells
  • Wells with high gas-oil ratios
  • Wells with marginal production
  • Wells currently being soaped
  • Paraffin and hydrate control

We also offer a complete range of electronic controllers to optimize plunger cycles, and increase efficiency and production.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

We provide technically advanced variable frequency drives with Sensorless Artificial Lift Technology (SALT™). This system provides several benefits:

Sensorless Artificial Lift Technology (SALT™)

SALT™ is an advanced artificial lift system control, using a sensorless vector VFD with integrated pump-off software. Instead of shutting off the pump during periods of low production, SALT™ reduces the pump speed, maintaining production while reducing the energy consumption and mechanical stress associated with stopping and re-starting the pump.

SALT™ offers significant advantages to all types of down-hole pumps, including rod, progressive cavity, and submersible pumps. It also provides warning capabilities for conditions such as pump off, paraffin buildup, gas pockets, failure to recover, and maximum and minimum loads. These warnings, as well as information regarding the number of strokes per day, inferred production, and gas purges are all recorded in a log that reports pump activity from the previous thirty days.

Other Products

DNOW offers a variety of specialized artificial lift products through the Dura Products division in Canada. Please visit our Canada regional page for more information.